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How do we get the hum? Is there a way to hear it for everyone? Does everyone have their own different hum or do we all share the same hum?

Maren Muter
Maren Muter
Maren Muter
Jul 06, 2023

Hi Melissa.

We are all naturally connected to the "hum." It is a vibration that works with our energy signature to create a resonance. Our connection to the hum is unique to each of us, BUT the hum is connecting us together, connecting us to the environment.

I wrote this below in an earlier post and thought it might be helpful:

The hum is our natural resonance connecting us to the world around (both seen and unseen). It is the vibrational pattern weaving through us, connecting us ethereally, carrying us. Everything has a vibration, a breath unique unto its own. Our "hum" moves among and through them all, just as theirs moves within and through us. As the earth breathes, we feel it, just as the trees.

One way to get a rudimentary idea of this connection is through a body vibration. It can help in finding resonance or a feeling of pixelation. So, for fun, you can try it by putting your fingers in your ears and literally humming; you can slowly move the tone higher and lower until you find a spot or spots that feel like your body melds away and you are inside the vibration - like your whole body is vibration. It gives you an almost pixelated feeling. Some people find it helpful to open and close their mouths or push their chins forward. You don’t have to close your ears - but it can help in the beginning.

Once you recognize this “pixelation” this weaving into the world, you won’t need to make noise at all. You can feel it quietly in the background throughout life. You can feel it in your connection, the weave for your touch as you brush the leaf of a plant, feel the weather on your skin, and the quiet embrace of a hug. You’ll feel the soft touch from beyond - it is your unique connection.

We each have a unique energetic resonance (code/signature), and this resonance moves throughout our body and into our environments both physically and ethereally. Our resonance fluctuates throughout the day while maintaining its uniqueness. It fluctuates with our feelings, with our body’s health, and with our concentration. It does not weaken; it does not go away; sometimes, we may feel disconnected, but we are not. This code is what makes us, us.

I used to play with hum by overtone singing as a child (you don’t need a good singing voice, lol, I can’t sing a regular note, hahaha). Overtone singing is fun as we can all do it - it does take a little practice ;-)

Think of the hum as the breath of life, and life continues beyond the body




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