welcome! nature’s prayer daily ceremonial oils were created understanding that our well being strengthens with emotional balance.  nature’s elements ~ earth, fire, water, air and the ethers, hold innate gifts of energy that support human nature.

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Find blogs and resources for spirituality, near-death experiences, metaphysics, healing, research, and MORE. Started in August 2021. Would love to read your comments in my blogs! Many thanks! 5Dexplorers.com

In this podcast hosted by Author Eva Payne she dives into various ideas on how we, as humans, can show up more wholeheartedly in our lives. Topics include what happens after our last breath, the connections between spirituality and science, ideas to improve health and education systems, ancient history and why it matters today, etc.

Hi I'm Andreea

Intuitive, Channeler, Life Coach

I am intuitive and I work with Women on personal development and spiritual growth. I’ll give you a bigger picture look at it and often a sense of what might be in your future path because often I do get intuitive messages on where people are going. 


inspirational jewelry, apparel, & home goods

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Author of They Serve Bagels in Heaven

Host of Grief and Rebirth Podcast



Share your rebirth story with the world! 


eclectic and inviting
A Woodstock, Vt Inn

Over Seasonally fruited Crepes to Steel Cut Oatmeal, organic, fresh conversation greets you in with morning. Come explore our quaint New England village and know you have a comfy place to stay.


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Welcome to the member's marketplace! This ia a place for you to share your businesses, your art, your writings, your creations. This page is in compliments for you.

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Due to limited supply THAT Chocolate's Traveler's Chocolate  (my hand-ground powder) will be on a first come basis right now with your donations over $50. Each week, November through February, I will have more bags available of this very special hand ground chocolate powder. I will do my best to get enough made.

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In 1936, a photographer taking pictures of the 300-year-old Raynham Hall in Norfolk, U.K., captured an image of an apparition floating down the stairs. It's one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, although some experts believe it was caused by double exposure.

The manor, covering an area of 7,000 acres (2,833 hectares), has a long history of being haunted, and the BBC notes that the ghost may be of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of the second viscount of the estate. She died in 1726, supposedly of smallpox, after having an affair, which her husband Lord Townshend had learned about before her death. She is said to still wander the manor dressed in brown.


Creating Art with the
Dexterity of Love.

Here you will find a variety of my passions From Paintings to Pottery and Beyond!
I have always felt inspired by the arts: expressionism, surrealism, poetry, handbuilding etc. 


Handmade knit hugs. Wrap yourself in warmth, 

send long lasting, quality thoughts to those you love through every, "knit 1 pearl 2"


Your Pampering Starts Now!

Working with Mary makes your travel smooth from the start. She helps you custom design your travel plans, books them, and is available 24/7 while you are away. 


Visit this enchanted shop for art inspired by the whispers of the deepest forest. Created by Baba Yaga’s apprentice, these t-shirts, pillows, stickers and more draw from—and enchant with—the oldest tales we carry inside us.


Magical Music for Your Venues and Events Or Listen Online 
Monterey Peninsula - San Fransisco Bay Area

BIANCA CHILDS - Esalen Massage

Santa Barbara, CA


"The approach I take is one of patience - integrating a range of techniques as well as the trademark “long flowing strokes”, pauses to emphasize the energetic body, three dimensional touch, stretching, moving the body on the table and detailed work are coalesced in what can be called a truly unique sensory experience.

My work has become a combination of Esalen, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Ayurvedic massage. Each session blends these techniques to suit the needs of your body creating a rare, one of a kind massage for deep integration."

- Bianca

A Biography of Mortgage Loan Officer,



We could start this with Once Upon a Time because who doesn’t want a fairytale ending to their home buying experience. But as you know by now (assuming you’ve read about or seen them before) fairytales are not without plot twists.


This is where Julie comes in. She is a master plot twist navigator. In fact, when necessary, she takes over the story narration, she battles the fire breathing dragons, gets rid of the poison apples, makes sure there are no spinning needles to prick your finger upon, and guides you to your desired destination… a place you may call home.

How does she do this you might be asking?

Image this… for over 20 years she counseled, taught, and ran her own investment forum. She worked in the real estate markets all throughout the West, and even privately listed in Caribbean resort properties. She got to see all the ways real estate deals can go from sweet to sour in a matter of moments, and she paid attention. She began working closely with closing companies and mortgage lenders, she kept track of all timelines, documents, reports, inspections, basically everything so she was on top of it.


But after witnessing time and time again closings get delayed because of the mortgage officers or lenders that do not have their ducks in a row, she took off the real estate hat and dawned a new one. One that really does lead to the fairytale endings of your cozy new home.


So, for any of your questions, for concierge service, for honest transactions, and efficiency in today’s busy market, you too can have your very own fairytale specialist. Give her a call and just see what happens!