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Past-Life Experiences 


"I remember when I died before"


Although the memories are with the child at the time of birth, it's not until they have the ability to communicate that we may begin hearing about them. Often times the children's memories go un-notice because they don't know it's possible or don't know what to look for. 


The statements may come out of the blue, "I used to be a tree cutter." or something like, "That's not my name, my name is Peter." Children often describe details that they had no way of learning in this life.  

There is a vividness attached to an emotional maturity when toddlers relate facts from adult lives or deaths that signal a phenomenal situation.

The idea of reincarnation in the West is still a relatively new acceptance - although it happens just as often as is does in other cultures. 

Can or Should Children be Regressed?

Past life regression for children through hypnosis is not recommended or appropriate for children...


When they begin sharing memories it is at that time you may ask questions about their memories as you would in a normal conversation. 

It is a good idea to make notes of what the child said, so when or if you do decide to go to a past life specialist, you'll be able to share some small details you may forget otherwise.

A past life specialist will not recommend regression therapy for your child, but will talk to your child about their memories.

Past Life Recollection Sessions  


Through a form of meditational conversation you may be able to recall a previous life where your soul can remember experiences and  share them in the here and now, with your current consciousness.


It is, therefore, possible remember feelings and emotions, or just refresh these memories as an observer.

With years of research and practice , Maren's  has developed various techniques allowing for tailored consultations as each individual is unique in the approach to memories of other lives, and in conscious communications.


You may become aware of correlations that are related to your current life in this process. This allows you to understand why you are faced with certain situations and difficulties, and why you are afflicted by certain fears, blockades, and physical ailments.


Past life regression sessions help you:

  • Learn more about your connections and better orient yourself in your present life.

  • Find new approaches to problems that have existed for a long time.

  • Avoid repeating the same behavioral patterns and mistakes.

  • To free yourself from debilitating remnants of past.

  • Become one with yourself and be healthy, optimistic, and happy.

Past life regressions frequently uncover deficits and provides information as to why you may suffer physically or mentally. This comes to include panic attacks, guilt feelings, fear of loss, listlessness, diseases, lack of self-confidence, allergies, phobias, and relationship issues.

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