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THIS is to Pre-Order FOR OCTOBER 2024 Shipping


The Opening Spell/Traveler's Chocolate: Premium Chocolate. Natural ingredients create spell-binding potions, mix natural flavors with your choice of milk, water, or wine. Whether you need to unleash the fire of Dragon’s Breath or receive the soothing rush of Chocolate Divination, go to to learn about activating the versatile spirit of chocolate.


You may choose You may choose flavors from freshly dried peppermint leaves, beautifully roasted hazelnuts, wild raspberries, vanilla beans from Macassar, tantalizing blend of chili peppers, and meadow grown culinary lavender. If you would like to add an additional flavor satchel to your order, please let me know.


Traveler's Chocolate makes the smoothest, richest and most decedent hand ground hot chocolate! We work with our friends in Ecuador, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Ghana Africa to hand pick the rarest and most flavorful cocoa beans available at each harvest. We blend and grind the cocoa by hand which results in a flavor profile that is ultimately complex and satisfying. Prepare yourself to succumb to the experience.


This simple chocolate powder when heated into a smooth paste captivates your soul... and seemingly pauses time while your lips are met with a depth intoxicatingly delicious.


All natural ingredients: Love, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Powder, Autumn Winds, Pure Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, the Moon & the Stars, Winter Evenings, Vanilla Beans, Sunshine, Rain, and a tiny touch of Sunflower Lecithin.

PRE-ORDER: Enchanted Traveler's Chocolate

Flavors of Divination
Shipping October 2024
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