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Praise for Dear Flower Lady: Inside Past-Life Connections: "Muter deftly takes readers on a journey of exploration – one that’s focused on the point where our present lives and our past lives may come together to inform and enrich not only a greater understanding of what it means to be us right now, but, more universally, a greater understanding of what it means to be humans continuously and constantly connected through life and death..."

There are many books on Past-life experiences, but rare are the books that explain how it is possible to have them. INSIDE Past-Life Connections does just that. It explains how we are connected to our life experiences, how memories are recalled, and goes on to talk about non-human past-life experiences and when we have past memories that are not necessarily our own.

Wonderfully written and simple to understand, author Maren Muter takes us on several journeys showing us how past-life memories may impact our lives here. She also shares more of the story behind the Book of Buried Letters.

INSIDE Past-Life Connections

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