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A Look into Silence

An introduction to the power of silence.

  • Started Jun 25
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Starting with our introduction lounge Friday evening learning and talking about how your brain and body will respond and go through phases while silent. We will practice stints of silence over the weekend in the comfort of your home or location. On Monday evening we will come back together and find hear about our experiences. What to look for in the silent retreat No talking is a primary tenet of silent retreats, that means parting ways with your phone. Without the constant stream of distractions in the form of impossibly long text threads and ever-changing social feeds, you may find yourself more focused and more deeply connected to your fellow practitioners—even without talking to them. The concentration and efficiency afforded by a digital detox will likely extend beyond your retreat, too. You may find your brain processing thought In reality, silent retreats aren’t all that silent. But by removing many of the noises we as humans can have control over (phones, tvs, computers), we’re left with the ambient sounds of our environment. You may also experience benefits found through several studies where the connection between silent meditation and boosted immune system health, help with insomnia, and improve quality of life. By turning inward through silence, you may be faced with some uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Prolonged silence can help you better process and manage negative thoughts and teach you to stop reacting to negative sensations—both during the retreat and long after. Your brain may become more efficient One study that compared the effects of a multi-day silent meditation retreat on the brain function of practiced meditators and people who did not regularly meditate found that non-meditators had smoothed activation in certain regions of the brain. They interpreted this result as increased brain efficiency. An earlier study found meditation training improves brain efficiency, probably by way of improved attention and impulse control.

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