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Personal Session with Deric

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- We All Have Challenges - "You’ll get over it, you’ll see." What exactly does it mean to overcome a challenge? A challenge can be as painful as pulling the tiniest cactus barb in your finger, or as intense as training for a marathon. It can pour over pages and notes before an exam, or slap us like a bite of frozen wind when our immortality is pulled from beneath our feet. Have you ever tried to stand in the midst of medieval storm? Where the world as you know it vanished in the split of a second. That is a challenge, but it is not something you overcome. It is something that becomes a part of you. It is something that replaces immortality with humility. A challenge is something to embrace as memories are formed there. It’s where the cactus barb reminds you of the hike, and the marathon of a refreshing cup of water. Challenges meet people in different ways, and at different times, and at different depths. Challenge isn’t in overcoming, but in encouraging yourself to be the best you can be, for me it is to work hard and hopefully make a positive impact in the world around me. I look forward to talking and working with you soon, Deric - About Deric - It was a road less traveled that led Deric to take a vow of silence at a Buddhist temple. At 16 he clarified the vision of who he wanted to be through daily meditation, and, upon leaving the temple, dropped out of high school and moved to Berkeley, CA. Here he lived at the Nyingma Institute (Buddhist Temple), went to school and worked for as a data analyst for a hedge fund in San Francisco, and received his bachelors in Business Administration at 18 and moved to Dallas working as a financial analyst by day and wholistic wellness services by night (sort of speak). Now at 22 he has returned to school to further his education and works closely with Maren. Deric is a certified coach, NLP, Quantum Reiki Practitioner and meditation guide

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