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Do I Need a Medium to Get Signs from the Other Side of the Veil?

Not necessarily, because you are already connected.

But it can be helpful to talk with someone about your questions and sometimes to receive certain messages.

sensing a presence

Have you ever had a feeling of a being or agency that is not heard or seen. It is one of the most unusual experiences a person can have a felt presence, and yet also a feeling that will be familiar to many. Sometimes referred to as sensed presences or extracampine (beyond the possible physical sensory field) hallucinations, such experiences are described in a wide variety of sources and contexts, including survival situations, bereavement, sleep paralysis, and neurological disorder.

hearing a voice

Although not one of the most common forms of ADC, but the voices or sounds are unmistakable - they are not voices telling you what to do, but typically are one or two words in length if speaking, or a short sound (that can feel like a long time if you are not ready for it). For example, if a mother had a child pass away, she might hear, "Mom," as clear as a bell. Other common sounds can be laughter, buzzing, or even immediate surrounding pressure changes. 

feeling a touch

This type of ADC can be magnificent, as though someone placed their hand on your shoulder or arm. You can feel the weight of the touch. It could be heavy or feather light. Commonly it is a soft brushing touch that may be on the back of your hand, on your cheek or foot. It is normal to respond by flicking it away as you would think it was a bug landing on you. But sometimes the touches can last up to a minute or longer, and you will know someone is there.  


Taking place in both the physical and spiritual world. Spiritual world meaning in your third eye.

An apparition can come as a wisp of energy, shapeless, all the way to an imprinting of former physical form.


This type of showing may be as part of an echo of former life where they may repeat patterns over and over. For example walking in the garden.

The appearance could come just prior to dying as the spirit prepares to depart. "I saw Aunt Aggie at the foot of my bed last night." 

appearances / visions


Taking place in the physical world. This communication style can be expressed as a moving of items, cloud formation, electrical manipulation (ex. turning on and off lights).  Physical phenomenon is a natural phenomenon involving the physical properties of matter and energy. 


Many times these are signs showing you they are here, and thinking of you.

physical phenomena

In Dreams

Taking place in the “alpha state” of consciousness, when you are very relaxed – like when you’re on the edge of falling asleep, in a dream state, waking up, meditating, or praying. 


They may talk to you, walk with you, show you things while you are in these states of relaxation.


Sometimes this can happen while you are awake where it would be seen in your "third eye."

sleep-state / dreams

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