- Meet Deric -
It was a road less traveled that led Deric to take a vow of silence at a Buddhist temple at 16, where he clarified the vision of who he wanted to be through daily meditation, and, upon leaving the temple, dropped out of high school and moved to Berkeley, CA. There he lived at the Nyingma Institute (Buddhist Temple), went to school and worked as a data analyst for a hedge fund in San Francisco, received his bachelors in Business Administration at 18 and moved to Dallas working as a financial analyst under incredible owners who reinforced the importance of personal integrity and many lessons he will carry throughout his life. While in Dallas he continued his wholistic practices and now, at 22, he has returned to school to further his education and works closely with Maren. 
Deric is a certified coach, NLP, Quantum Reiki Practitioner, and meditation guide


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  • Exploration into Nothing

  • Bereavement and After Death Communications

True Stories

of the Paranormal

June 25

Fireside Chat

June 12

7:15am PST / 10:15am EST

4:45pm PST / 7:45pm EST


Beyond the Veil

Listen, Share, Ask 

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After Death Experience 

Read and Share NDE Stories

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

Has your pet played with a ghost? I should've filmed the whole room showing there is no one else materially there. My departed son has been here this week while I work on unpacking / moving in, in the kitchen, the hallways, and this afternoon in my office playing with the puppy :-)

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Livestream Classes

Personal Mediumship

Starts January 8

This program is designed to help you on your own personal journeys and discoveries, while sharing many of the tools and resources already within us as we proceed in our lives here. Each week we will be leading with topics that include:
Brain / Body Connection to Mind / Spirit
Personal Mediumship & Meditation
Spiritual Senses
Opening the Pathways
After Death Communications 

cover that story copy.jpg

Have you ever wondered why chocolate was considered a food of the gods?

Why its value was considered more greater than gold?

After listening to this simple story recorded at a fireside chat your heart will fill and you will never again think of cacao or chocolate as you did before.

It truly is magical!