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November 7 

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Beyond the Veil

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Welcome to the After Death Communication community. Here you will find a place where your thoughts, experiences, and questions are safe. Where you can find understanding, support and information. Monthly Fireside chats (now on Zoom) answer questions and offer a space for you to share your thoughts. Our bereavement groups are private confidential places where you can share your feelings, connect with others who understand and hear stories of communications.

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True Stories

of the Paranormal

Saturday October 30 

5:31 pm PDT / 8:31 pm EDT

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Welcome to our Member's Forum. We are just launching this page and would love to hear from you.

I am honored to post this letter from one of you. 

Love is the Answer

by B. Francisco


Not much could soothe me when I lost my son to street drugs last year. Feelings of “what if” and guilt flooded my entire existence and made a home in my own personal land of overwhelm. How can I ever feel joy again, when his life had become so hard?

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We offer a myriad of live stream webinar classes. The classes range from tuning into the spiritual senses, understanding personal meditations, forms of after death communications, grieving and types of loss.

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Have you ever wondered why chocolate was considered a food of the gods?

Why its value was considered more greater than gold?

After listening to this simple story recorded at a fireside chat your heart will fill and you will never again think of cacao or chocolate as you did before.

It truly is magical!