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let's help you find a path towards

a source of inner peace.

Maren Muter

After studying psychology and sociology, while delving into quantum theories, Maren has worked for 20 years as a solitary practitioner in the realm of metaphysics.


Certified Neuro-linguistic (NLP) Practitioner

EcoRegression and EcoMeditation


Some say, from an early age, it was clear a unique creature was meandering about. Starting in primary school her mind began working on a path of its own as she was asked to describe her hand. She did as so,


“Holder of the future, full of hopes and dreams, scarred with defeat, decorated with success, warm and soft it holds my life.”


Penning thousands of poems, prose, questions, and insights, the young Maren buried these writings in glass jars everywhere she went for thirteen years. In 2015, she embarked upon a quest in recovering a small fraction of these that were kept by the earth some for nearly forty years, and the bounty is awe-inspiring.


After getting to know Maren, my eyes have been opened to a different reality, one that existed perhaps tangentially to the paradigms that I have previously accepted as dogma.

I have been trained as a Ph.D. molecular and cell biology and an M.D. cancer specialist. Through our relationship, I have experienced energetic phenomenon and other more mundane, earthly occurrences that have changed my perspective on life, and comprehension of physical theories as I previously thought I understood…”  

                                                                                        -Dr. Steven Denstman M.D. Ph.D

Maren’s life has taken her from coast to coast and from continent to continent. 

Philosopher, Author, 

Personal consultant.            Maren Muter

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