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I am the one who answered a question on free will (in the death transition workshop), saying, free will is not what we think. I have spent and spend my life researching consciousness and its continuation.

So, I invite you to get a cup of tea, know this is a hyper abridged version of a magnificent concept that is beyond the scope of human language (like trying to explain the overwhelming abundance of unconditional love beyond the veil) and remember that a little salt goes a long way ;-)

Our life is.

Our life experience is stunning. Our ability to our ability to observe how we react and respond to our life experiences, is extraordinary.

Western life has strived to separate us from nature. There is power removing our connection to the universe, to make it the world and the humans. Because understanding how our body is connected and grew from this environment and how we are connected to the ethereal is the epitome of freedom. It gives wings to you no matter where you were born, and no matter the conditions.

When we look at living karma out in real time, where we are observing all potentialities this life experience has, that means we are nature. We are inherently connected to our environment, to the world and universe around us. For example, our body is made of molecules of water, that is, our body is replenishing each day with water molecules that circulate and weave around the globe. Water that flowed down the mountain brook, water that powdered the Swiss Alps, drenched the rain forests, and water that filled the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer. When it weaves within our body, it is carrying with it connection to it all.

The good thing is nature loves patterns. They might be disordered patterns, but patterns are there all the same. Our brain contains an estimated 86 billion neurons. Scientists have discovered more than 60 distinct types of neurotransmitters in the human brain (with many more still to find). Neurotransmitters are multi-faceted and complex, working both with each other and against each other, kind of a push-me-pull-you, to aid in neural signaling across the brain’s cortex. Our brain is demodulating information from our mind.

Our mind is an external part of the filtration system of our consciousness. Our brain houses subatomic particles that are superimposed inside and outside the skull (meaning they are just there – not inside or outside). They are subatomic particles of our consciousness.

As we have spoken about before, outside the veiled perspective, there is no measurement of time. Meaning we are inside our consciousness, and the superimposed particles are one and the same. There is no distance. When a stimulus comes through the filter of the mind, the brain sets off a series of activities that turns on or off or open and close signals, neural responses, that correlate to the vibrational code received. This is the activity we see when monitoring the brain.

In the background of course our brain also monitors and oversees our body’s mechanical workings; heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach etc. We do not need to think about these processes or regulate them. The processes just are. Although we notice them when there is a malfunction. If we try to alter their working, it sets off a little chaos. Like trying to straighten vibration. When you do this, you end up stopping it... turning a wave into a flatline. Our body works without us having to think about it, our bodies know what to do and how to do it.

Ok, staying in some quantum theory and understanding that part of everything I talk about is the symphony (our consciousness, souls, music notes). I am using the tool of science (limited as it may be) to prove our consciousness continues and lives beyond this life, and to show each life is whole, total, and complete.

Let’s look at the theory or principle of least action. It optimizes the distribution of resources in an instant calculation beyond that of trial and error. Part of this calculation is done by taking the kinetic energy of the particle and subtracting the potential energy of the particle then integrating this over the path of the particle: time integral over the kinetic minus potential energy is the action of the particle.

To get the action that has the smallest possible value we can either make the kinetic energy small which means keeping the velocity small or we make the potential energy large because that enters the equation with a negative.

What this says is... Essentially, the particle tries all possible paths. And takes the best one on first try... like it knows what is coming before it gets there.

That is what happens in nature, the particle does not just go on one optimal path it actually goes on all paths where each of these paths has its own action.

And, not only does that the particle goes all paths but it also goes to all possible end points.

Right now, as we are experiencing life, we sometimes feel like we are living in the Twilight Zone. Where moments of our days feel more like dreams than reality. Where our earthbound life is more of a hologram and the ethereal side is more real. This happens because we are holograms.

We have atoms buzzing all around us, inside and out, creating our form. There is nothing solid here (not a house, not a mouse, not a boat or not goat... not here, not there... not anywhere, there is nothing solid, nothing at all, Sam I am ), the world around us, including our body is based on vibrational density – the faster the vibration the more solid it seems.

As we experience this life, let us look at it as potential energy, this is where all the possibilities of this life are pooled. So imagine a lake on top of a dam. In this lake our consciousness is observing, looking at all the possibilities and asking, "I wonder what would happen if he went over there, but what if this happened, what if that happened, what if he made that choice...?” All those questions are being pooled into this lake, along with all of the answers to those questions.

Then, once all of that is done, this damn brakes (that happens when the body ceases – not through an NDE but when it is completely done). All this water, all the possibilities, are released and become kinetic energy or active energy (our music note). And the music note flows instantly into the ribbon of our overarching Symphony.

This pool of possibilities is how our brain calibrates and adjusts instantly. It is taking in all stimulus, observing all potentials that stimulus could mean.

With this idea in mind, we can see how it correlates with our three-dimensional life, where our consciousness is instantly processing / observing all possibilities this life has. This includes not just our choices, but also the environment and our interaction with it. Remember we cannot have a front without a back, an up without a down. And we cannot have conception without death. We also cannot have free will without determinism and determinism without free will. The one comes with the other, just as the other comes with the one, they are not separable.

So in the end, we observing all sides of our choices because, we are not separate from nature, we are nature.

And that is stunning ❤️


If this is the case then, what prevents people from just behaving erratically or immorally?

It begins in our infancy, we naturally use a form of empathy to connect with the world. This allows us to mimic our caregivers, the expressions, and compassions.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, while compassion is the desire to alleviate the suffering of others. By cultivating these qualities, individuals develop a sense of responsibility towards others and a desire to act in ways that promote the well-being of others.

By promoting the well-being of others, it helps keep them safe and in turn keeps us safe. It is a loving survival mechanism. This leads to the development of a moral code that emphasizes the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and that promotes values such as honesty, fairness, and social responsibility.

If there is someone behaving outside of the moral code, they are naturally segregated / removed from the pack. It is an inherent reaction to danger. Have you every gone somewhere where you are not comfortable and all of your alarm bells are ringing, "get away!"? We naturally do our best to remove ourselves from danger or to to remove the danger from the group.

We work together individually, in family groups, communities, and as part of larger societies trying to keep safe, and this desire stems from compassion and empathy and love.

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Trish Clark
Feb 28, 2023

Thank you so much for this beautiful melody. I can feel the truth of it and it is such a gift.



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