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So happy to be part of this group. Thanks for adding me. I am grateful to connect with like-minds and share experiences.

i just returned from a trip to Mt Shasta, California. This mountain is a sacred energy vortex the Natives believe is the center of the Universe. The energy there is so positive and loving. Each time I go there, I feel her magical energy envelope me, healing my mind, body and Spirit. I go back each winter to hike the mountain, play in the snow, drink from the headwaters of the Sacramento River and bask in the powerful energy field. My brother died last July and he recently came to me with a sweet message about choosing your own path.

Last night after returning home, I had a dream that I was with a woman who worked in a hospital and could stand in a certain location, pull on a chain and transport herself to another area of the hospital. I was with her and she did it with me. I was fearful at first, so I closed my eyes. When I opened them, we were somewhere else. I wasn’t afraid anymore.

There was more to the dream, but this part really struck me as a message from the mountain and my brother… I have been struggling with my health for a while and the impact living in a densely populated area has had on my well-being. I know I need to move out of this area, but am unable to right now for many reasons. To me, the dream gave me hope that when I feel I need to escape the urban madness, I can transport myself somewhere else energetically, in my mind, to find peace and reconnect with my Higher Self.

I am curious of others thoughts… Thank you in advance!

many blessings,


Mike Dinkel


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