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There is a reason we're told to "shake it off" when we're hurt... It isn't meant to discount the pain, but to help us through it. We often talk about relaxing our vagus nerve when we have a lot of emotion going through us. The waves of emotion can be so strong they wake us up at night. Usually, on those nights I hold my "in-between" breath - kind of bracing myself as it washes over me, or go to the woods and cry, and other times I just... jump and move my body.

The energy of sorrow, of longing can be very powerful and the waves can hit without warning. Tonight for me was one of those nights (I also knew better than to have dairy at dinner - kind of like Scrooge gets nightmares from dairy - so do I). So, I thought I would share my sympathetic vs parasympathetic nerve temper-tantrum. 😉 Sometimes it's a whole body effort to shed the incredible energy produced in powerful emotion. ❤️ And if you ever need to "dance" know you're not alone... I'll dance with you.

Katinka Stienen


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