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Hey Maren thanks for the invite.

look fwd to chatting with everyone.

After yesterday’s zoom classes “look inside death” had a crazy dream in which I was hanging with my brother. It’s been 10 years and he‘s never come thru. I wondered did anyone else in the classes have a loved one come thru in dreamtime?. Talk soon!

Maren Muter
Mike Dinkel
Feb 26, 2023

I have kind of a long story about my long lost maternal grandfather who has been trying to contact me for years from the other side!!! I will share sometime but one of his descendants, great niece got in contact with me from Germany, letters/emails had to be translated but she sent photos of him and a letter wrote so I could see his handwriting. I had no idea and just did not recognize it as him trying to contact me and it was confirmed years later by a psychic when I lost a cat, he came thru. I want more contact with him, we thought he died in the war, but actually he got divorced from my grandmother and never saw his 2 children or met his grandkids. Wished he was in my life when alive but I do feel his presence now!



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