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I had another dream where my Aunt Robin was there and in the dream she was saying good night to everyone, but she was really saying goodbye. Its intriguing because whenever she transitioned, she didn't have the opportunity to say anything (she was unable to speak for the last week & a half if her life.) I've struggled with guilt over not traveling to where she was during her hospitalization and not being by her side when she passed, but at the time my youngest was just a year old and the Covid regulations were still super strict. In a way, the dream sorta feels like maybe she's letting me know it was okay the way it all worked out. Her brother, my Uncle Chris held the phone to her ear for me to talk with her the day before she her body shut down. It's been one of my most difficult decisions I've ever had to make and I still carry some doubts on the choice not to go. She was always here for me whenever I needed her and I feel like I dropped the ball when she needed me most.


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