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Hi everyone.

I have had a couple of interesting experiences recently (last week). Last Thursday night it was a dark, rainy evening. I had just finished a phone conversation with my husband who was on his way home from work. I was home alone with my dogs. A few minutes later the door bell rang. The dogs went nuts, barking. I thought - my husband will be home in a few minutes and I am not really keen on opening the door in the dark when I was not expecting anyone. So I didn't. We have cameras over that area, and so reviewed the cameras to see who it might be. Nothing. No one was there - and we allowed for 10 or more minutes either side. However, there was a bolt of light that flashed across the screen towards the door at that time. The power didn't surge though, so I don't think it was that. But maybe...?

That night I kept on waking thinking, is something there? The energy was off. I also had sleep paralysis, in which I dreamed someone was in my room, I was trying to scream and couldn't and it felt like my room was shaking as though there was a massive earthquake. I finally woke and was pretty spooked. But, I have sleep paralysis a few times a year, so didn't think too much of it although it takes me a few days to recover.

Piecing it together a few days later and wondering if anyone has experienced something like that before? Any views on what may have happened?

Mike Dinkel
Julie Beale


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