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Ok, any last-minute questions for the Quantum Brain? Here are the chapters so far... if you have any specific questions about these topics or about something you'd like to see in the book, I will work on weaving it in before we go to the final edit and printing.

Ch 1. Cookie Dough

Ch 2. A Look at Consciousness

Ch 3. The Veil

Ch 4. Dimensions

Ch 5. Time

Ch 6. The Size of a Human

Ch 7. The Veil Continued

Ch 8. Vantage Points

Ch 9. What This All Means; The Goldilocks Effect

Ch 10. Raising Frequencies

Ch 11. The Eternal Soul

Ch 12. Just as You Are

Ch 13. Free Will

Ch 14. Karma

Ch 15. Soul Agreements

Ch 16. Spirit Guides

Ch 17. Manifestation

Ch 18. Cookies

Amy Akeso
Judith Magill
Sarah Grace


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