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About 15- 20 years ago I received an e-mail message that was claimed to be from the future. On and off this message keeps popping up in my mind and I wonder if it was truly from the future. The message asked me to forward it I did not and when I went back to look at it again it was gone. Disappeared. The message was a warning about our drinking water in the future. It stated that only one river was left on earth and it was guarded by the military. it stated that everyone is dying of kidney disease, only 1/4 cup of water a day was available to drink per person per day if I recall correctly and people could only wear disposable clothing as there was no way to wash them. I am curious if anyone received any type of message like this and your thoughts on if this is possible. With the way, the world going could see this happening I could also see if this might be a message from another dimension.

Mike Dinkel
Julie Beale
Mike Dinkel
Mike Dinkel
Apr 03, 2023

My thoughts on if this is possible.

I would have to say yes, it is very possible, and very likely to have happened. What I have learned from many of my teachers is that anything is possible. It is only our thoughts that keep it from happening. I know of numerous stories, both of my own and of others that I have taught over the years, that have talked about similar things happening in their lives.

Also what we think about we bring about. Our thoughts are very powerful.

What I can also tell you is that the email applied at that time. What that means is that it was a definite trajectory possibility. It’s kind of like getting a psychic reading, it only applies at that moment. In 3 to 5 minutes, it can change. You may walk out the door and make a right turn, instead of a left turn as the psychic saw you doing. This would throw the trajectory of many things off, including your psychic reading.

I hope this helps,




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